The Boy's Collection

The Boy's Collection is a series of photographs portraying young, hot, and sexually-charged boys. 
It takes an intimate and detailed look at the male figure from a female perspective
And is a direct response to male photographers objectifying women in print.
Photographed by Melissa Rodwell

1/3rd of the show was sold on opening night and then traveled to several galleries in Los Angeles, Miami, and NYC. 

The website for the exhibition is one of the first sites I did to receive recognition by several design awards.
It was done by hand utilizing Flash and Actionscript.  Forcing me to learn a shitload of math (lol)  
but more importantly, how mathematical equations relate to timing and motion. 

I did all of the exhibition's marketing, signage, and invitations.

The site is still live and you can view it by clicking here (requires flash) 



Me next to a photograph of me when I was 17 ! ;)

Me next to a photograph of me when I was 17 ! ;)