Dedicated to my Grandpa - The coolest guy I've ever met. 

I’ve been tinkering around on these damned Internet devices Ever since They Invented DIAL-uP.  

My name is David Skyler and I’m that guy that will re-enact the entire AOL Login sound along with the “Welcome” and “You’ve Got Mail” at the end. Whether it was punting kids who annoyed me in school offline by spamming their inboxes, to trolling rap forums or building my first gaming computer... Ever since I was a tot, I've been hooked on the "C".

I consider myself a man of many hats; I've started companies, produced photography exhibitions / fashion shoots / designed award-winning websites / ad campaigns / product packaging / e-commerce stores / blogs and system backends. I've worked freelance and in-house as a photographic retouch artist for companies (Barney's, Nike, Adidas, Biotherm, Philosophy, Coca Cola, Dell) and for fashion magazines (Vogue, Harpers, Another, Interview, NY Times Style, Flaunt). I've also had the pleasure of travelling around the world teaching retouching techniques to the photography community. 

Additionally, I've directed, shot and edited educational dvds, behind the scenes videos, social experimentsshorts, and trailers.

I currently reside in Los Angeles where I enjoy acting, yoga, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, (anything with a board) and creating clean, user-friendly designs for awesome clients.